"a fantastic wonderland"

Hey there~! I'm Taffy, an aspiring novelist. This blog is mostly my ramblings and rebloggings. I'm interested in tea cups, mori girl fashion, lolita fashion, cute things, Hello Kitty, Attack on Titan, Macross Frontier, Pretty Cure, Magi and most importantly of all IdolM@ster~ Feel free to shoot me a message any time. [I am Muramatsu Sakura in the Cinderella Girls family. And thanks to Capusetto for making my icon~]

Preferred pronouns are she/her.



D&D for the Rich

This is a small series of really well crafted gaming tables for D&D that I wish I could afford for my gaming group. Click the source for more pictures of each table.


One day.


iDOLM@STER One For All: MASTER ARTIST 3 Songs 1/?

Pure Sonic Love & Pon De Beach


It was only supposed to be a quick sketch to wind down after working on commissions.jpg

I have literally zero context but I like dressing our druid up in fancy clothes.