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Do someone NOT blood-related want to give me a final opinion on this (I’m rather in desire of a third opinion if it’s not too much trouble)?






Alabama Prisoners to Strike on Easter Sunday

Honestly these people had the choice of having access to rights, which they gave up. My taxpayer money shouldn’t be making them comfortable. The more uncomfortable the experience the more likely it is to stick with them. This makes me sick.

you’re 15 years old you don’t even pay taxes

ALSO: Some of those inmates are there for speeding tickets/not appearing in court OR kids late to school to many times.

Also, prisoners are still human. No matter what crime they’ve committed.

Also, you don’t really want the ‘unpleasantness’ of prison to stick with them. The goal should be reform. They should be able to improve the sort of person they are and think on what they’ve done, not be tormented in horrible conditions.

And is there really any need to make prison suffering? “So they live crappy lives that lead them to commit terrible crimes so let’s give them terrible living conditions so they’ll be more interested in fighting each other rather than leaving prison so when they get out they’ll just go back to the same life style and come back!”

Prisoners are human beings and you have no right to treat them like animals needing to be caged because they took one false step; who are you to judge the reasons for their actions? And even if you improve prisons to the points where they get full, nice meals and are practically living in a very nice hotel they’re still isolated from the world. They can’t go home to their families. They can no longer pursue their dreams.

Really, how do you get to be that heartless? Also, that guy in the article is trying to fight back against the racist loopholes in the system. Just saying. Trying living in Alabama, then you’ll get an idea what all those people are really in prison for. (News flash: it’s not all extreme stuff like you think.)



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They are my precious treasures


It’s been 7 months since I last played Animal Crossing, and I am SO GLAD I’ve started playing it again, wow. I forgot how happy it makes me, I REALLY LOVE IT. I don’t know why I ever even stopped!

And I’m really loving my newest villager, Tia. She’s just so sweet and of course, I mean LOOK AT HER. SHE’S AN ADORABLE TEAPOT-THEMED ELEPHANT, WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE??? 


View from my bed (a.k.a where I spend 75% of my time)

SPEAKING of random questions! Before I go crawl in a corner, I’d like some opinions on a question for a Magi the Labyrinth of Magic character~~ If you don’t mind giving an opinion (even if you know nothing of Magi; just include a note that you don’t) there’s more information below the cut. I just need ideas on a name and can’t really decide myself. @.@

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Anonymous asked: Do you like the color pink? lol

Absolutely not. I just like decking out everything I love in pink and Hello Kitty as a sort of masochistic statement. It’s a metaphor, you see: you put the thing you hate on everything you love, but don’t give it the power to make you hurl.

Nah, I’m just kidding. I like pink, and blue and pastels. (But it seems you yourself were joking as well, Anon-san. :P)

[I feel like this might have been for a meme, but I don’t remember re-blogging a meme that included sending me questions… but then again, I also don’t remember what I ate for breakfast.]

Things OkCupid! has taught me:

  • How much a polar bear weighs.


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